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Hundreds of years worth of normal, everyday real-life exposure to silver has never caused a single case of blindness or brain damage as well, in spite of the fact that nanosilver is now used in public swimming pools…hot tubs and spas…in the drinking and bathing water of cruise ship liners…in aquatic animal habitats…and even in municipal drinking water systems…not to mention among people like myself who have ingested small amounts of silver nearly every day for 20 years. The silver, far from actually breaching the blood brain barrier or the cerebrospinal fluid barrier, becomes trapped and bound by lysosomal vacuoles i. Kail claims Post Malone is her bf. In the University of Lund press releases which accompany these two new Swedish studies, the researchers try to tie commercial nanosilver products such as silver-impregnated sports clothing, or silver-impregnated wash rags, or even colloidal silver products to their study results, even though their studies were never conducted using such commercial nanosilver products nor has anyone ever proven these products to be harmful. Once the silver particles are trapped and prevented from reaching the blood brain barrier or the cerebro-spinal fluid barrier, the body then works to break down the trapped silver and eliminate it.

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For example, one of the foundational claims the Swedish researchers make is that nanosilver can penetrate the blood brain barrier and harm brain cells. I created this blog to help you learn more about the amazing healing and infection-fighting qualities of colloidal silver -- the world's most powerful natural antibiotic! So how could the Swedish researchers have arrived at conclusions that contradict the work of so many other silver researchers? The results of the new Swedish test tube studies appear to be preconceived, agenda-based "science" at its very worst, with no relation to real-life situations whatsoever. It is merely a journalistic account of what we have learned about colloidal silver and its usage from the existing literaure, from personal experience, and from interviews with over 2, experienced colloidal silver users over the course of the past 12 years. The latest member of the Barstool family, Ellie Schnitt, left a voicemail explaining her hatred for a particular emoji and ask about why guys text "did I see you out tonight? Klicka här för att uppdatera flödet manuellt.


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